Ireleth St Peters

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2nd September 15
Trail : home / Cheshire Cats R/Y1/Y2

Cheshire Cats R/Y1/Y2

           Cheshire Cats         

   Reception, Year 1 and Year 2


Hello.......we are a happy class of 19 children.

 We have 6 children in year two, 8 children in year one and 5 children in reception.

Miss Watts is our teacher.

Mrs Britton is our teaching assistant and works with us every morning. Miss Ritchie also works with us in the afternoons.

Mr Lewis decided on Alice in Wonderland for our theme this year. We decided to be 'Cheshire Cats' because of his lovely personality traits which we feel reflect those of our own. Cheshire Cat is playful, happy, caring, unique, inquisitive and hard working.